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How it works

The Short Version

You earn a time credit for every hour you help meet the needs of another member. This time credit can then be redeemed for services from others, and the never-ending cycle of sharing continues.

The Longer Version

1. Pay your membership fee and create an account on the Delaware Hour Exchange website. (Hover your cursor over Get Started, at the top of this page.)

2. Add some basic profile information to your account, so people interested in exchanging services with you have some idea of who they're dealing with, and include your general geographic location. Read, and agree with, the Terms of Use.

3. Set up your preferences – how you'd like to be notified when another member wishes to contact you, your hours of availability, etc.

4. Post some things you'd like to do for others – these are called offers and can can be just 'helping out' with errands or chores, pitching in on group activities, or offering your special skills and talents! Make sure you list your availability, and also note your level of skill or proficiency (if applicable).

5. Post some things you'd like some help with or that you'd like others to do for you (if you have specific unmet needs or projects you want to tackle). These are called requests. Asking for specific services helps inspire others to offer them, when they may not have thought of it on their own. Remember – receiving is necessary so that others can give/share!

6. When a member contacts you to 'hire you' for one of your offered services, please respond in a timely manner (within 72 hours). You are not obligated to say 'yes' to any (or every) request – but please don't advertise things you are not willing to do.

7. Browse other member's offers and requests. Select a service, or some services you'd like to spend your hour credits on.

8. Contact them! Set up an exchange at a mutually agreed upon time/place. Naturally, use your own judgment when allowing someone into your home, or having them care for children, elders, pets, etc. The Delaware Hour Exchange assumes no liability for outcomes of services between its members.

9. After an exchange, make sure to track your exchanges and hours earned on the interactive website.

10. Make some new friends and get some needs met, while helping others to do the same!

11. Repeat.

12. Tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others about the Delaware Hour Exchange! The more people are involved and the more variety of services offered, the more everyone can benefit!

13. Be an active part of a community that keeps getting better. So let's Get Started!