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Membership is $30 per year per member. You may also elect to offer an additional donation to the Delaware Hour Exchange and help support the behind the scenes work of paying for our web server, advertising and other administrative costs.

If you are unable to pay, other arrangements can be made (e.g. you can pay with hours or a mix of hours and money). Please contact a DHE administrator to do this.


To Enroll

Click on the Enroll Now button below to go to Pacem in Terris's (the parent non-profit of the Delaware Hour Exchange) Network for Good donation form to pay your membership fee.

Please note, in the Network for Good donation form, please enter the dollar amount you will be paying (minimum $30), and in the Designation field enter DHE-WIT.


Create Account

Once you have paid your membership, then you can get started by creating an account with the Delaware Hour Exchange. This will be how you create requests and offers for exchanges and how you will keep track of your hours.


Need More Help?

If you need more help with enrolling or creating an account, click on the Need Help? button. You can also visit our Login FAQ.